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Welcome to Yahtzee Online

Yahtzee Online is totally free and still developing project. Join the game, roll the dice and try to win the real cash prizes! Every month we reward the best players!

Cash Prizes Every Month

Starting with February, every month Yahtzee online is going to reward 3 first-ranked players by real cash prizes, as well as the players who achieved the highest scores. For further information on prizes and payment, check out the page "Prizes"!

Medals and Statistics

Register, play and win numerous medals! In the beginning, medals would be rewarded for the first 25 ranked players (top 25) every month. But, try to play as much as you can because very soon various new stuffs will be implemented, so medals you had been rewarded before will be added to your profile. Even though you may not see that, every score you have achieved will be saved in our data base and can and will be used in future. For example, in two months we plan to give money prizes to the most active players with the highest number of games played. If you start to accumulate played games now, then you will be ahead of other players in 2 months.

The Yahtzee Rules - Briefly!

  • Boxes are scored as marked above every column; the boxes that can be scored are light blue colored.
  • Dice are rolled by clicking the “roll dice” button under the scorecard; the left mouse button is used for selecting the dice a player wants to save.
  • Boxes in “Hand” column (hand image) can be scored ONLY after the first roll.
  • Boxes in “Announcement” column (bell image) can be announced only after the first roll by clicking left mouse button clicking on the selected box. After that, two dice rolls are left and then the achieved can be scored in the announced box.

Read more about Yahtzee game rules